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Bread of Life Ministries International (BOLMI, simply known as BOL) is a non-denominational Evangelical megachurch founded by Rev. Caesar "Butch" L. Conde. Its headquarter is located at Crossroad77, Mother Ignacia Avenue cor. Scout Reyes Street, Quezon CityPhilippines.
As of 2010, more than a 30,000 people attend the worship services in BOL local and international outreaches. Its mission and vision is to "Stabilize and expand what it has learned from God in prayer and the Word of God and to pass it on to other people, and also the beginning of revival in the country", which is inspired by Acts 1:8.

In the early 1980s, Pastor Butch Conde, originally wanted to start a half-way house for prostitutes in Olongapo City, where the U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay was located. Until in August 1982, when the Lord gave the calling to the 12 people, including Pastor Conde, to start a new church in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Marynoll College (now Miriam College), offered its auditorium to launch then "Bread of Life Christian Fellowship" and the first service gatherings on November 14, 1982. This continuously increased into hundreds by invitations of people and groups.
In 1984, from a gathering of 120 members in Maryknoll College, weekly attendance steadily increased to a thousand, BOL prompted to move temporarily to the Philippine Heart Center in Quezon City on January 8 and 15, 1984. But later on January 22 on the said year, BOL worship gatherings transferred to Celebrity Sports Plaza in Capitol Hills, Quezon City to accommodate 1,200 members. Since then, BOL wants to show that God Himself is providing for the Filipino churches, struggling from the colonial mentality and Pastor Conde wants to establish that how the Filipino can be independent from the foreign missionaries.
After the People Power Revolution in 1986, Pastor Conde drew inspiration from his Korea Prayer Study Tour and the Prayer Mountain experiences inSouth Korea, then BOL acquired a piece of land in the mountains in Rizal to build the country's and Southeast Asia's first Prayer Mountain facilities to spread the same spirit of prayer in the Philippines led to building the first Filipino prayer mountain facility on the said year, in 1988, BOL dedicated the Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain, its ministry of intensifying and deepening the prayer lives of the Filipino Christians through fasting. Today it continues as a place dedicated to restoration in prayer and has become a haven for believers from different churches and denominations to pray for the Philippines, Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain is located in Antipolo CityRizal, an hour away from Manila.
In 1986, BOL leaders shared their experiences and feelings who were similarly touched by the plight of the street children to the point of organizing a "Halfway House" in September on the said year, to give temporary shelter to and provide for the basic needs of street children. Some of the church leaders then became the first governing board for the "Halfway House", BOL started as a special project when a group of church workers undertook street evangelism in the busy commercial areas of Cubao in Quezon City and Monumento in Caloocan City, as well as in some squatter sites within Metro Manila. BOL started The House of Refuge Foundation, the Department of Social Welfare and Development granted a license in 1991, facilitating the agency's licensing as a child-caring institution and was fully new license and granted in March 1993. In 1997, BOL focused on House of Refuge for knowing Christ.
On April 5, 1987, BOL services moved again to Circle Theater located at Timog Avenue, with around 1,800 to 2,000 members, this was started to divide its services into five gatherings. In November 1992, when BOL celebrated its 10th year anniversary, it was considered one of the fastest growing Evangelical megachurch in the country, and BOL changed its name to "Bread of Life Ministries". BOL also planted another two central church in Makati and Valenzuela, and planted church satellites in different places in LuzonVisayas and Mindanao afterwards.
In April 1995, BOL began building its own ministry center, Crossroad77, located in Mother Ignacia Avenue, Quezon City. Since BOL is an indigenous church, which built without the help of foreign Christian churches, financial assistance, political support, or even with the church partnership, it was built by the Filipino Christians.
On November 29, 1998, the church dedicated Crossroad77 and weekly attendance averaged up to 2,500 each of the five service gatherings. The rapid growth of the church can be attributed to the personal care of new members and neighborhood small groups presided by trained leaders, the ministry center also puts prayer rooms and it houses all the ministries of the church.
In 2001, BOL Makati splitted into two centers and transferred its worship services from Mondragon building to a larger space. BOL Makati is now located on Glorietta 4 (G4), and Greenbelt Onstage, the latter located at the Project Mosaic, 3F Greenbelt 1, Ayala Center, Makati City.
In 2002, BOL members led by Rev. Conde established Meridian International Learning Experience, a 'multi-lingual' institution that attempts to shape its students into Godly, excellent, patriotic and competitive Filipinos, with the foundation rooted on the Bible, the call of the school is to build a new generation of Filipinos who, like the national hero Jose Rizal, it is also the commitment to continually build a strong university for Christ and the transformation of the country.
The vision of BOL from the beginning of its ministry work up to present is to build a strong national uniqueness by becoming independent from foreign sources, to resdiscover Filipino Christian indigenous spirituality. BOL emphasizes the independence of the indigenous church and is challenging other denominational churches to revive their identity through God's word as well. This belief is founded on the distinction which BOL applied to the uniqueness of the Christian journey by emphasizing the centrality of Christ, the foundation of Scripturesprayerworship, operated by the power of God, the way of service through sacrifice and being people of faith. These are leading the members to responsible social involvement to help the whole nation in faith and prayer.

Bread of Life 25th Anniversary: Global Village 25/25

On November 25, 2007, BOL marked its 25th Anniversary with a grand celebration. The theme was the "Global Village 25/25", attended by the thousands of members from BOL local and international outreaches. The celebration was held at Ynares CenterAntipolo CityRizal.

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